Portland Neighborhood Spotlight: Kenton

A great capture of a nearby neighborhood that is one of Portland’s many secretes. Sshhhhhh it’s a secret!

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Guys, I want to get a little personal here, and tell you about my neighborhood! While every neighborhood in Portland has it’s own charms (seriously, EVERY ONE has something cool to offer) there’s just something about Kenton.  Nestled in the area just west of I-5 and on the north side of Lombard, this little neighborhood has had a quiet renaissance over the last few years. Now, you don’t even have to live in Oregon to know that many of Portland’s neighborhoods are going through big changes quickly.  Kenton definitely hasn’t changed overnight like a lot of those, but it has definitely felt the effects of its surrounding neighborhoods. The result is a quiet, family friendly place that has found a way to keep the classic charms of the old company town while bringing in some new life with the addition of newer, more trendy restaurants and shops.


Kenton started out…

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